Currently no one is able, either online or physically, to express and connect their ideas without a level of social networking. This is time-inefficient at best, if not altogether ineffective. The fear of judgement created through the label of ownership, particularly online, often stops people from expressing themselves, which can lead many to isolation when creating and developing new concepts. For creative freelancers and students, who rely on collaboration for many parts of their work, this is a problem.

Ideas need to be free of a label of ownership in order for people to cluster around them.

Imagine if there was a way for creative collaborators to be able to connect through just their ideas.

Clusta is an online platform that allows you to discover new ideas that others have clustered around. By discovering the idea first, people are able to connect without the social networking step, allowing collaboration to become much more fluid and frequent.

For businesses, Clusta's demand-led structure can provide invaluable data in finding new opportunities to connect with their market, since they will be able to source demand in new products and/or services before they spend a single penny.

If you have an idea, Clusta is able to connect it to the people and resources to make it happen.

By streamlining the collaborative development of new concepts, the potential for ideas is limitless. This is what Clusta seeks to achieve.

Contact us: info@clusta.org

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